MMFC logoWhat began on the Phase One (P1) weekend is continued in the Phase Two (P2) training where work is done in a soul group (small groups of 4-5) format.  We continue to explore the five wounds introduced on the Phase One weekend but in more depth.

We explore what it means to live “in mission”, how the “masks” we wear keep us from living out of the purposes for which Abba created us.  We dive into the deep waters to explore Deceit/Denial, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Shame .  As a natural extension of what was learned at our “P1”, the Phase Two is strength training that equips a man to embrace his brokeness but to live in his true God given identity as an image bearer and beloved son.

The Phase Two can be done as an “intensive” which consists of a Friday evening and full day Saturday or over the course of an 8-10 weekend period.