JCrossYour experience with Marked Men for Christ starts with a decision to attend a 44-hour Phase One weekend with other Christian men. You can expect a powerful, intense, enlightening and loving weekend of discovery.

At this weekend, you will be introduced to the five wounds of Deceit/Denial, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Shame and explore the profound and shaping influence these wounds have had on your life in a safe and loving environment.  The discussions and experiential exercises are all designed to get you in touch with your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing to these wounds.

Here is what a typical weekend agenda looks like:



Here are just a few of the testimonials coming from a recent Phase One experience:

“A beautiful opportunity to have a life changing encounter with JESUS and the Truth!”  – Michael

Amazement! For the first time, I fully let JESUS into my heart! I could feel him fill my heart and body
with His love! This would not be haven possible without this MMFC weekend.”  – John

“Opened and exposed wounds I did not know I had and brought healing. Gave me clarity and purpose
for my life in the will of God!”  – Todd

“A crazy ride to Spiritual awareness and freedom!”  – Chad

“An excellent encounter with the Holy Spirit. Profound experience! MMFC will make you more of a
Christian man – you will learn what it really means to be a Christian man!”  – Rick

Unlike any other weekend…INCREDIBLY VALUABLE and an amazing tool of the LORD!”  – David

“I saw Jesus in each and every man I encountered this weekend. Each man gave presents with their
presence which allowed me the space to open up and be vulnerable. This (MMFC experience) is a gift
from God that I want others to experience!”  – Scott

Please consider joining us for this remarkable weekend.  For a list of upcoming weekends, check out the events tab in the Menu Bar.