Priority One has partnered with Marked Men for Christ to provide a one of a kind experiential weekend for men in North Carolina.  In addition, MMFC soul groups are an outstanding connection point to help men grow in relationship with one another.

Marked Men for Christ helps build stronger men for Jesus Christ and seeks to help Christian men embrace more fully the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mark with which they were sealed at Baptism (2 Cor. 1:21-22).  MMFC is all about providing an experience and format to allow Christian men to develop a deeper more powerful relationship with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and our Abba Father.

It begins with a 44-hour weekend experience with other Christian men. You can expect a powerful, intense, enlightening and loving weekend of discovery.  Following your MMFC weekend, you will have the opportunity to continue your your personal spiritual growth with a band of Christian brothers who you now trust due to your shared common weekend experience. These SOUL GROUP follow a protocol of experiential learning and scripture. This next level experience can be done as either (1) 2-hours per week for 10-weeks or (2) as a weekend intensive.  The advanced MMFC Phase Three SOUL GROUP provides you the ongoing opportunity to continue drawing nearer to God as you “do work” on a regular basis with your SOUL GROUP.

More than 10,000 men from 1300 churches around the country have attended one of these transforming events.  In North Carolina, we have a spring and fall Phase One weekend and you can find dates listed on our calendar or by visiting the MMFC website