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In Dependence

flag_512It is strange what effect some space can have on your perspective.  Take the title of this post for example.  Put a space between In and Dependence and we have an altogether different meaning than the word Independence, dont we?

As we approach our national Independence Day here in the U.S., I am reminded of the stark contrast this space creates when we allow for it.  Space to consider that we were not created as independent beings at all but rather in dependence on a heavenly Father.

Yes, free willed creatures for sure but formed from the dust of the earth to live as one with the Creator, finding contentment and fulfilment in relationship with Him.

Pride leads us to think that we are at the center of the story, that we are in control of our circumstances.  However, to take a step back and allow for some space to contemplate that each day is a gift from above…each breath and heart beat authored by the Creator.

In fact, we are the epitome of dependent beings!

Realizing this makes me small and God big.  It can reframe my purpose to see that its not all about me, my agenda and purposes but rather, that I have a small part to play in a much grander story where I am dependent on the authors lines and direction.  And, when I play my part, the larger story is illuminated and begins to make more sense.

So, this weekend, as we celebrate our freedom and hard fought independence from tyranny, allow the deep knowledge that the ultimate battle for our freedom was won on a cross at Calvary so that we might be restored to our proper place of dependence on our Heavenly Father.

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