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I have to admit, I  don’t much care for the word surrender.

It sounds weak…something losers do in the midst of battle.  As a red blooded American male, I want to take control..lead…direct…I don’t want to surrender!

My surrender to Jesus is too often tainted by what I am in need of at the time.  It is motivated by what I seek to gain from The Lord.  I want to surrender to God because I want to be delivered from sin or I want him to heal my ailing mother in law.

But real surrender comes without ulterior motive.  It is out of love for the One who ransomed me…who paid the ultimate price in His torture on the cross so that I could one day choose Him over my life of sin.

Today, my family and I wrestle with the very real personal needs of those we love…those who are ill, those who are hurting, lonely and scared.  There appears to be no place for surrender when a family has no money for food or rent…when the ravages of dementia and Parkinson’s steal away the precious few days we have left with a loved one.

But, this is exactly the time that Jesus whispers to us to surrender it all…all of our striving and good deeds.  As Oswald Chambers writes, “if we will only give up, God will surrender Himself to embrace all those around us and will meet their needs..even those created by our surrender”.

Seeking His Shalom tonight…


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