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Soul Wounds

Our soul wounds hit at the core of who we believe we are and how we relate to our heavenly Father.  Can He be trusted with our sadness…our anger?

These wounds are a source of pain and not an area of life where one purposefully chooses to spend much free time rooting about but more often because a man has taken to minimizing and compartmentalizing these wounds in order to survive or fit in.

In addition, our thoughts and the visceral reactions to them are complex and interrelated.  We may unlock the door behind which they are housed in an effort to examine them but to truly begin to dissect and disentangle them, we must bring the entire effort before The Lord.

Therapist Dan Allender says this – “We examine our wounds only long enough to become aware of their existence.  We must not allow the wounded self to continue to speak with its arguments, rationalizations and excuses through which it can never be healed but rather, invite the Spirit of God to speak the truth about our identity and so expose the wounds to the source of healing.  Only the Truth will reveal the construct of the lies and begin to unravel the cords that bind the wounds to one another.”

Our hearts and souls are complex in the protective measures undertaken in response to these wounds.  Whereas God would desire for us to bring them to Him for healing, we so often stuff them down to protect our hearts…to avoid the pain and simply “soldier on” in a world that demands we “suck it up”, “get over it” and “move on”.

Not only are the emotions complex but so too are the wounded areas of our souls.  These wounds become interwoven like an intricate web, a complex pattern of connections and pathways we come to rely on to cope and navigate through life.

Mere understanding of our woundedness is but the first step toward wholeness as no true healing can take place outside of the work of the Holy Spirit.  The work we do during our weekend retreats and ongoing soul groups provide a healthy context in which to identify and confront our wounds but also to learn to deal with him in a healthy way.

Come away with your friends at Priority One and Marked Men for Christ on March 20th, 2015 for a life changing introduction to the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit along with a hundred other men from around the country as we embrace the work the Father wants to do in our hearts.




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