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Drinking Deep

sadness imageMarinating on a passage in a book I am reading…

“A man will never have a pure heart as long as he equivocates about his sinfulness.  If he is indecisive, he will never have the courage to win the battle that lies before him.  His constant waffling will weaken any resolve to do the hard thing.  Likewise, the one who is looking for the path of least resistance in life will also lack the determination to fight for a pure life.  Purity and godliness to not mean enough to him to warrant the effort and when convicted over his sinful thoughts and actions, he will find ways to excuse, blame shift or otherwise justify continuing to live in his sinful ways.”

Take a closer look at the highlighted words and chew on them this week.  In what areas of your life do you see these “attitudes” cropping up?  Where are you indecisive?  What are the areas of your life where you waffle and often take the path of least resistance?   Are you prone to make excuses for your thoughts or behaviors, shift blame to others or justify your actions/thoughts?

As we all seek to take deeper drink of the Jesus life, I encourage you to find a few moments to reflect on this and see what the Lord might bring up.


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