A Father’s Rescue

Sometimes I just get weary…

Weary of the regularity with which I am ambushed by the enemy of my soul.  His attacks are rarely covert any longer as he knows where I hide the key to my house.  He stops by unannounced as he sees fit to rummage around my life, leaving behind a smoldering pile of guilt and condemnation that can effectively derail me from living the life Jesus promised.  As the hymn says, “prone to wander Lord I feel it.  Prone to leave the God I love.

So what is it about this powerful clip from the movie Blood Diamond that resonates with me so deeply?  Aside from the great acting, I am reminded that there is a loving father who would do whatever is necessary to ensure my rescue.  In this story, the young boy is stolen away from his father by a deeply evil mercenary who brainwashed him into doing murderous things.  The son is fed a steady diet of hatred and lies until he can no longer can remember who he was!

Our culture will feed us a steady diet of greed, lust and self-centeredness and left to our own devices, we will lust like the adulterous David who coveted Bathsheba.  We will stand in the crowd with a stone in our hand ready to pronounce judgment of the woman caught in adultery.  We will elevate the role of money to that of god just like the rich young ruler.  We will pridefully lie to ourselves, believing that we are not capable of such things.

You see…we are all just like these biblical characters apart from the Father’s deep wellspring of love that resulted in Jesus being nailed to the cross to bridge the divide between sin and forgiveness.

Just like this movie clip, we need to be reminded of who we really are in the Father’s eyes.  Abba, the Father who has rescued us from darkness and stands with glistening eyes and arms outstretched, disarms us with the Truth that we are dearly loved and we are welcome to come home.

So for all the prodigal sons out there who may be reading this post, be reminded that your True Father speaks these words over you as well.  “I am your father who loves you…and you will come home with me to be my son again”.

Would you choose to believe this Truth today?  Would you allow the Father to disarm the lies of the enemy and draw you into his loving arms?




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